Tuesday, July 26, 2011

FOTD: Goin' Blonde

No no no, don't get excited, I'm not bleaching my hair blonde. I did use 2 eyeshadows that were named just so, and I was able to combine them and get such a clever name for you. Not really.

My camera photographed this so well, especially in comparison to my last FOTD (curses!). I attempted to do a slightly different shape with this look. I was inspired by how Lorraine/Martian Delights does her eye shape, and I really wanted to not do winged liner. It was SO hard to not thicken up the liner and make it all Wendyfied, but I did it! Hope you enjoy this. (BTW: didn't mean to use all Mac products, it just happened! There's tons of cheaper dupes out there though.)

- Cover Girl Tinted Moisturizer in Fair to Light
- Mac MSF Natural in Light Medium
- Maybelline Superstay Concealer in Cream
- Mac blush in Prim and Proper

- Too Faced Shadow Insurance
- Ulta eyeliner in Halo (off white, as an eyeshadow base)
- Mac eyeshadow in Goin' Bananas
- Mac eyeshadow in Sun Blonde
- Mac eyeshadow in Lucky Green
- Mac eyeshadow in Sassy Grass
- Mac eyeshadow in Surf USA
- Revlon eyeshadow in Vintage Lace
- Ben Nye eyeshadow in Ice
- Mac Pearlglide eyeliner in Undercurrent
- Maybelline One by One Mascara (black)

- Revlon Colorburst lipstick in Lilac
- Revlon Super Lustrous lipgloss in Lilac Pastelle


  1. Such a pretty look! Lovely on you :)

  2. Oooh super pretty!! I love yellows & greens!!

  3. this is a great combination of yellow and green. it looks so good on you!

  4. Oh pretty! I love greens on you! And I love the first picture, that's a great face!

  5. You totally got me with the title! Very pretty complimentary colored look as always <3

  6. Oohhh! Pretty! I normally don't care for yellow, but on people's (and my) eyes I think it looks awesome, especially with greens!

  7. Like I mentioned on twitter, I really did literally think you were going blonde. xD

  8. Omg, that looks beautiful! I love how all the colors work well together.

  9. Beautiful look! Love how this turned out!

  10. The gradient from light to dark is so subtle and pretty! I can never get my shadow so precise. -_-

  11. ooh this is gorgeous!! I love the shape you have made here & think that it def. suits your eyes

  12. Beautimous! It did photograph super well! Also... I kind of sort of really hoped you *were* going blonde. I just wanted to see what it would look like :-)

  13. Haha! Love the face you're making in the first picture. So cute!

  14. Goooorgeous! The crease shape is really nice. I love your little watermark as well.

    And I dang near crapped my pants, I thought you were going to go blonde and I was like OH GURL NOOOOO.

  15. Sooo pretty!!! You did an amazing job!!! I love the color combo... Love it!

  16. Very purrty colour combo, the lid shades are stunning. Love the liner shade too. Okay, so I pretty much love everything about this look :P

  17. Awesome eyeshadow colours! I am always in awe of your blending skills!