Thursday, July 28, 2011

e.l.f. Swatch Fest! (new eyeliner, cream shadows, etc.)

I know that I had my issues with e.l.f., but I still wanted to show you guys what I got and what it all looked like! I have to admit that the stuff I got is lovely. I don't really NOT like anything, except for one of the matte lip pencils and that's just because it's too dark for me (and now it's Priscilla's, haha).

Obviously, I can't really endorse buying from this company. If you have their products at your local Target, I would suggest purchasing them that way instead of online... but you won't get the sales that the website throws, unfortunately. Either way, you have to make your own decision about whether you'll buy from them. For the purposes of this post, let's just enjoy the pretties, shall we?

Pretty sure all of this cost me around $14 for the 70% off sale.

First up, eyeliners. I got 3 Cream Eyeshadows in Bronzed, Pewter, and Teal Party, 3 Shimmer Eyeliners in Precious Pink, Grassy Green and Teal Twinkle, and a Cream Eyeliner in Teal Tease.

Precious Pink, Grassy Green, and Teal Twinkle Shimmer Eyeliners. How pretty are these?! I can't believe how soft they are for $1! They felt a bit like a Mac Pearlglide, to be honest, and if they came out with a purple... I'd be all over it.

Cream Eyeliner in Teal Tease, Cream Eyeshadows in Pewter, Bronzed and Teal Party. These are so nice as well! I wasn't expecting the Cream Eyeliner to be quite so pigmented. I'm wearing it today and so far it's wearing really well. Pewter is gorgeous -- nearly taupe but would be great for a smokey eye.

These are the cream shadows blended out to give you a better idea of what the color will look like when applied to the eye!

Eyeshadow Quads in Butternut, Ethereal and Luxe. Butternut and Ethereal are Robyn's fault =P.




I was seriously surprised at the red in Luxe. It looks pink in the pan and on the website... but no, it's totally a beautiful metallic red. LOVE. All 3 of the little palettes were pretty decently pigmented. All of those swatches are on bare skin, by the way!

Lipsticks in Posh, Gypsy, Sociable and Captivating, and Mineral Lipstick in Beautiful Berry.

Beautiful Berry, Captivating, Sociable, Gypsy and Posh. Beautiful Berry is darker than I thought but I really like it for a fall plummy lipstick... they are surprisingly hard to come by. BUT, my lipstick was broken! I always twist my lipsticks up to make sure that they work properly, and this one snapped right off when I did (and nearly stained my carpet!). I'm gonna melt the bottom and hopefully be able to reshape it to the tube :(. Anyway, Sociable is less orange than in the picture but you know how my camera eats oranges... Sociable is frakking gorgeous (metallic pink) and so is Gypsy. Gypsy is almost like a lip stain, sort of that just-eaten-a-popsicle look. Posh is also really nice, sort of a dark vintagey red. I'm doing a Veronica Lake look this weekend and this will be spot on!

Matte Lip Color in Tea Rose and Coral, Lip Stain in Red Carpet, Luscious Lipstick in Ruby Slippers, Pout Perfecter, and Glitter Gloss in Jeweled Jam

Tea Rose, Coral, Red Carpet, Ruby Slippers, Pout Perfecter and Jeweled Jam. Tea Rose is the one that I think is a little dark for me, so I swatched it and put it into the little pile I am accumulating for my dear friend Priscilla! Coral is really nice, not sure if it will suit me but it reminds me of a lip pencil that Robyn got from Inglot a little. The lip stain is amazeballs red (and stains, for sure). Ruby Slippers is a bit of a let down as it looks so dark in the tube, but it will still be good over red lipsticks. The Pout Perfecter is glittery goodness, and so is Jeweled Jam! 

Regular prices are as follows:
Mineral Lipstick: $5 (ouch)
Cream eyeshadow: $3
Brightening Eye Quad: $1
Lipstick: $1
Matte Lip Color: $3
Glitter Gloss: $3
Pout Perfecter: $3
Shimmer Pencil: $1
Lip Stain: $3
Luscious Liquid Lipstick: $1
Cream Eyeliner: $3

So, as you can tell, I pretty much love everything. I know I probably will never order from them ever again, but I will enjoy what I did get and be sure to do plenty of FOTDs for you. Speaking of which, any requests?


  1. Oooh I like the look of Pewter and Bronzed but I hate how bulky the packaging is. I hope they downsize it so it doesn't take up so much space

  2. Oy, I really want that teal eye liner!

  3. Very nice stuff. After reading your last few posts,I think I'm gonna stick to buying them in stores.

  4. I want tea rose matte lip color and captivating lipstick! Nice swatches! Sorry about your experience with Elf. I was surprised by that because I have never experienced a problem when I have ordered.

  5. Wow great goodies! I love the cream shadows

  6. ooh nice haul! Its a shame about what happened. I wont be purchasing from them since they dont ship overseas,sadly :( haha
    Those eyeliners look gorgeous & so do the lipsticks! I'm sure you will have heaps of fun with your goodies :D

  7. As shite as their customer service was, I now find myself wanting all the lip products. You're so evil! >:D

  8. Love this haul...I love seeing what people are getting from ELF

  9. Just wanted to thank you for telling me about the stolen blog content. I had no idea. How did you find it?

  10. @Cafe: One of my blogger friends found out hers had been stolen, then we found a linked blog run by the same owner with stolen posts from one of my best blogging friends. Then I started looking through to identify anyone else's who had been stolen. I believe yours had your blog name as a watermark, so I wanted to let you know :)

  11. I want that teal liner! I have the Gunmetal, Black, Midnight, and Plum ones...but I have never seen the teal! I NEED IT IN MY LIFE. Why do we never get the cool stuff :(

  12. Those cream shadows look nice! I have been dying to try the matte lipcolor too!

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