Sunday, October 17, 2010

FOTD + Haul!

I actually felt like doing makeup yesterday, yay! I really loved how it came out, and I -finally- figured out how to photograph my makeup in the room I'm currently staying in. Apparently, it's a combination of having the windows open in late afternoon (so sunlight but not full on) AND flash, and macro of course. These are probably the most color accurate shots of my makeup I've ever taken. So excited!

The face was the usual, Mac Studio Fix powder, etc... I think I used Petticoat on my cheeks (if you can even see it). On my eyes was mostly all Mac: Suave Intentions, Tilt (grrr bad spot on my left eye, always happens with that damn eyeshadow), Zingy and Deep Truth built up into the crease. I spent a lot of time building the crease on this one, a little at a time. I think I did add a little of the matte navy blue from the Sleek Bohemian palette as well. Mascara is Maybelline The Falsies... umm... lips were simple, just chapstick and Sephora gloss #18 (which they've discontinued, apparently... booooo!)

I just wore this out to a restaurant. We hadn't seen my best friend in ages and I ended up wearing blue, so it was like hmmm... blue eyeshadow? Yes. The waitress complimented me lol.

I did a little shopping as well, as I met a girl friend of mine for coffee. Since there was an Ulta nearby and I happened to have a $5 off $10 purchase coupon, I had to go in. I heard a rumor that they were starting to carry Zoya polishes, which I have been curious about for ages. I was really interested in some of the polishes from Wicked and Wonderful...

Lo and behold, there is a lovely but tiny little display of them near the hair products. EEEEEEK. Wendyjoy. On top of my coupon, they were buy 2, get 1 free. Only pisser was that I wanted Julianne polish, and they were sold out. I got instead:

Kym, Kelly and Edyta

I'm normally not a fan of reds, but Kym is slightly pink toned with a bit of glitter... and I was thinking that GOSH Rainbow would be super pretty over it. Also very christmasey/festive. I wanted Kelly when I originally saw swatches of it, and definitely love it. Very into greys at the moment. Edyta is perfection, omg! It's a deep olive green base with rainbow sparkles... seriously. So pretty. Can't wait to wear these.

Lastly, my nails of the day... 2 coats of LA Splash Golden Seahorse:

That's pretty much it. I'm sitting in the kitchen relaxing the rest of my Sunday away (I'm in pajamas =P). Rob and I did a bit of clothes shopping earlier as Old Navy and Target had some great clearance deals. I got an olive green sweater that I'm not sure about. Maybe I will post a pic and see what you guys think? I dunno if olive green is my colour...

Oh well, off for me now. Rob is making chicken jalfrezi and saag aloo for dinner! Om nom.


  1. I love the way blue/silver eyeshadow looks around brown eyes, so ethereal. I just googled Zoya Julianne thanks to this post, and discovered that it's only my favourite colour! Really want to get my hands on a bottle.

  2. You can rock the blue eyeshadow gooood! Im always afraid of it because ill look like a prostitute (btw you totally dont!). I dont know why im afraid because people always look at me like im a whore when i wear my red lipstick and feel the need to comment on it. Maybe i should just go all out and do blue eyes AND red lips! Sorry i rambled there for a bit...... x

  3. Pretty, pretty, pretty! Love that combo. How are you liking The Falsies? I just got it and I don't think I do :S

    Also I sent you your goodies on Friday... I forgot to check whether you were still living at the same house.... fail?!

  4. @birminghamlady: It's taken me aaaages to figure this out and it could have been the eyeshadows tbh. I'm the same way as you lol, when I took that photo of me wearing Violetta, there was a guy in the car next to us and I was freaking out going omg, he thinks I'm a creeper taking pics of myself here...

    @Julianne: LOL it's your name as well... so pretty isn't it! They're only $7. If you can find them at Ulta, the buy 2, get 1 free is awesome. They had a very very limited stock though... 2 bottles of each colour, kinda sad.

    @Aoife: Thank you :) I love blue against my eyes, takes a bit of practice to do it tastefully, though! Keep trying!

    @Robyn: I definitely am still at my parents (i.e. same address) :D I do like The Falsies though some days it sucks on my lashes. It gets really dry and spider lashey... other days my lashes look lush, like today. It's weird.

  5. Yea, I'm getting that too. A couple of times it's been amazing, others it's just a mess. Also it's a beetch to get off.

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