Tuesday, October 26, 2010

China Glaze Awakening Swatches + Review

So a couple of weeks ago, I won the lovely Lady Mariana's China Glaze Giveaway... (Her blog is here). I got my items in the mail yesterday and was eager to swatch them!

First off, I love the packaging. The model wearing Zombie Zest is totally hot.

You get 3 colours -- Mummy May I (cute name), Zombie Zest and Ick-A-Body (again, kinda cute), and also a Fast Forward Top Coat. It's a full size, which is a good deal. I'm going to try it out and post a quickie review of it after a few uses... never tried it!

Now for bottle porn and swatches. I have two swatch pics, the top will be non-flash, and the bottom will be flash. You'll have to excuse my not-so-great swatches. I'm A) not an experienced nail polish swatcher and B) I have no remover with me and had no way of cleaning up without picking at my nails.

This is a black base with orange hexagonal glitter. I love this even though some would consider it cliché. Sure, it's typical Halloween colours, but I think it could work just as a fall colour. This one is different from Mummy May I, which I will show later. This one is predominantly glitter. The picture is 3 coats, no top coat, but was opaque in only 2 coats.

May I: This is a base base with fuschia/purple hexagonal glitter inside. This is different from Ick-A-Body in that the base is more like a jelly. It's strange... the glitter is more sparse, but when you put the bottles side by side... they look as though they should be the same. I am not sure whether China Glaze was going for the more sparse glitered jelly like look, or if that was an accident. Because of the jelly quality of the base, this one took 3 coats. The photo is 3 coats, no top coat.

Zombie Zest:
This is an olive/mossy green base packed with green, gold, brown and aqua shimmer. Yeah, say that 3 times fast. This color is fantastic! I will admit that on the first coat, I thought it was disgusting. It looked like baby poo. But, on the second and third coats, the deeper green base and sparkles came through and made it look more solid (instead of like a zombie barfed on your hands). This one is much smoother than the other 2, you could go without a top coat if you had to. I think this is definitely my favorite.

Overall, another solid release from China Glaze. All 3 definitely get my approval. I like that they are obviously Halloween but could be worn in the fall/winter season and still be appropriate. I think I will be rocking Ick-A-Body on Halloween night :)

Let me know if you have any questions... do you have this set? What do you think of the colours?

Oh AND... what are YOU going as for Halloween? Let me know!


  1. I want all of these sooooo bad! Especially Ick-a-body!

  2. Ick-a-body is so delightfully pumpkin-y!

  3. They are amazing!! I want them all so bad! I especially love the second one!