Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Obligatory Halloween Post

Totally late in posting this but I had to sort through all of the pictures! We went to a Halloween dinner on Saturday followed by a party in the evening. My husband and I choose steampunk as our theme this year as he had some ideas to build a mask out of parts. My costume was less exciting in my opinion, so I spiced it up with a wig and of course, crazy makeup.

Makeup first:

I did my brows with a mixture of a dark purple and a bright blue from my 88 matte palette. The lid is a lot of products: NYX Jumbo Pencil in Pure Gold, Amber Lights eyeshadow by Mac, Espresso eyeshadow by Mac, Jesse's Girl eye dust in Pixie Dust... the brow highlight is the pale gold from the Wet n Wild Vanity Palette (A LOT of it) and I also used the matte medium brown to blend out the cut crease. I used Candy Corn loose glitter from Darling Girl all over the lid. I believe that the lashes are Ardell Invisiband Lacies (they are HUGE). The black liner is from ELF (the kind in the pot, not the pen). I think I also used a Sephora liner in Bronze or Brown on the lower lashline as well.

I didn't have much on my face -- I used Mac blush in Prism as a contour and Mac MSF in Semi Precious Crystal Pink as a blush and highlight. On the lips, I used Jordana's lipliner in Cabernet and put Illamasqua's Hermetic lipgloss over top (which I just got recently!). I loved the look but the gloss is SUPER sticky, so my wig hair kept wanting to get up in it all night, haha.

This makeup turned out good but it was a huge pain! I had major trouble with the false lashes. They look like they're falling off even though they weren't -- the problem was that they were SO long that it made it impossible to do my liquid liner over top to cover the band. I forgot that these were Invisibands so I could have done the liner first and then they would have blended right in, minus a tiny bit of clear banding to cover. I ended up getting ink all over the tips of the lashes and it went everywhere the first time I blinked. 'RAWR' doesn't even begin to cover it.

Outfit pic:

Wig: Available here. I didn't do much to it except fluff it and use a little hairspray to maintain it.
Hat headband: Claire's.
Steampunk cogs: Underground Asylum, but sold in many places
Shirt: H&M, old
Corset top: Thrift store... for $1. No joke and probably the best find I've had in years.
Gloves: The Icing? They're from my Lady Gaga costume from a few years ago.
Belts: Various, some are thrifted and one was from Burlington Coat Factory.
Skirt: Forever21
Boots (you can't see them :( ): Rack Room Shoes

The costume barely cost me anything except the cost of the headband (it was like $12) and the wig... but I wanted a blue wig anyway. I'm pretty impressed with how it turned out considering everything was thrown together.

My husband went for a much more complicated look:

He made the mask from a white Phantom of the Opera/Jason mask for $3. The paint is acrylics that we bought in a set and a few individual colors to add depth. The glasses were labeled as 'nerd glasses' at some Halloween store, but were actually Harry Potter glasses, for $2. The cogs are from the same place I got mine, they sell them in bags. He also added nuts and bolts to the edges of the mask to look like it was part of his face. Everything else, he already had in his closet. He made the cog cufflinks with a bit of superglue, and well, some cogs.

So he had the mad scientist look and I just looked... like Katy Perry apparently (I got asked that a lot, really?). Here's a pic of us together:

Complete with creepy dolls in the background... thanks Chris! For the evening, I also did makeup on my friend Chris (he wanted to be a zombie) and my friend Brandie (she was a fairy). Here's how that turned out:

His skin was done with Ben Nye's Death Wheel cream palette (I used the grey, skin tone colors, and a little burgundy and green). I also contoured with the matte purple from the Wet n Wild Lust palette and some browns and burgundies from the 88 matte palette. His eyes were also the 88 palette. The fake blood is Ben Nye's stage blood and the bullet wound was using their brand of clear liquid latex as well. I think that's everything!

I mostly used the Sleek Acid palette on Brandie with some glitter liners that I had with me. She had a Micabella loose glitter with her and we sprinkled it EVERYWHERE, including all over her face. I'm unsure of what is on her lips as she brought something with her. Sorry for the bad picture, it was inside and dark, I had to use the flash!

That's pretty much it -- I've got a couple of other photos from the party but nothing terribly exciting, here you go anyway!


  1. You look amazing! So gorgeous! You should wear the blue wig again. Robs mask is AMAZING. And your friends zombie makeup rocks as well. Good job! No Hallow'en post from me, I got like 10 mins to do my makeup this year :(

  2. You look so awesome!!! I have to agree with Robyn you should wear the blue wig again!! Rob does look effin aweosme! YOu did a great job on your amigos =)

  3. WOW! Love the costumes. You two did an awesome job and looked great! I see the Katy Perry resemblance but only because of the wig, nothing else looks like her. great job

  4. Fun costumes! Love your husbands mask! Thats awesome! And the makeup you did on Chris is amazing!

  5. Yeah, I think it's just the wig that makes people think of Katy Perry, it's an awesome wig nonetheless! Hermetic look amazing on you, and I'm really liking the corset top. Can't believe it was only a dollar! Looks way expensive. Also bravo to your hubby for making that mask! Talented much?!

  6. HOLY SHIT YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!! I love it! It's like steampunk-kickass-cowgrrl-bandita. I fucking LOVE it!

    And Rob's mask is awesome, and everyone else's makeup/costumes are sweet, too. (But I love yours the best. You look like you could drawn down on a mf'er, damn.)

  7. You look soo good with blue hair!

  8. Hot DAYYYYYUM girl!
    I LOVE this look- and I don't think it's "boring" at all! And I just have to say, that corset top is to DIE for. Love.
    You should have blue hair more often... You rock it out!!!!!!!!

  9. Awesome job on the zombie makeup, it looks great! I LOVE HOW YOU GUYS DID A STEAMPUNK THEME!!! SWEET! Holy crap, I can't believe you got that lovely top for $1, that is an awesome find!

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