Monday, September 20, 2010

A Tale of Two Purple Lippies

One of which I love... and the other, not so much.

This was me playing over the weekend with my LA Colors palettes. The first is a look with the Wine and Roses palette, I did cheat a little and use a Revlon matte eyeshadow for my brow, and a little MUFE #92 to make the outer corner more purple.

This one is Mac Up the Amp. Also known as my ultimate love. I have a pink shimmering gloss over top, I think its NYX Chandelier. I will have to buy a back up tube of Up the Amp.

Next is a look with the Tease palette. I take back what I said about the pinks not staining your eyelids, cause it totally did and I now look like I have pink eye. It's okay, this was pretty. I did wear my glasses over top when I went out.

I used the pink and blue on the lid, green to blend out the crease, orange on the inner lid (which didn't show) and yellow/green along the bottom lash line with the blue. There was also purple glitter liner.

Now, the lips... it's NYX Medusa. I got this a few weeks ago and it ended up being less than $2 with some coupons I had. I liked the shade in the store but got it home and did a "what was I thinking?!" sort of thing. The photos above are HEAVILY blotted. If I don't blot, the texture of the lipstick just isn't right. I have two other NYX lipsticks, Chaos and Indian Pink, and both apply smooth and even. This one applies blotchy and sort of like you're smearing cranberry jelly on your lips. It's not cute. I also put NYX Chandelier over this one too. It's tolerable the way it is in photos.

As a side note, pics coming up of my RBL Scrangie dupe. It's pretty close now that I've done a full mani with it. The only thing is that the purple flash doesn't show unless I'm in direct sunlight or sort of low flourescent lighting... otherwise it's a scarab-ish teal duochrome polish. Does anyone have Scrangie? Does it do that in low light too? I did manage to get the green shimmer though :)

Oh oh oh, I know... shameless plug but: I entered Rob into the Urban Decay Manhunt contest. If you have a minute, go vote for him :) You do have to put in an email and then confirm the vote a few minutes later, but I would appreciate it!


  1. loving the looks
    and i love you glasses! i'm envious cos my face structure does not allow me to wear those kind of glasses :(

  2. i luv the first look! up the amp looks really good one u! i luv up the one of my favs for sure!

  3. I have problems with Medusa as well. I never wear foundation as a base but its the only thing I can do to make it apply more evenly. Still love the shade though, wore it out last night!

  4. I love both the lippie colors, especially the first one even though I'm usually not a weird lip color fan. You can wear that shade beautifully :)